Mi Casita
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  • This is a really great place:

    This is a really great place when you want good mediterranean food fast.

  • I've met the workers are nice and I've always left satisfied.:

    Was a solid choice. Originally I'm from Bronx . where is was created & still like the one up here in Denton. The food is good, from who I've met the workers are nice and I've always left satisfied.

  • sam:

    Where have you been all my life?  This place was delicious. I ordered a bowl with rice and spring mix topped with the lamb and beef, garbanzos, tomatoes, an onion relish, quinoa, and spicy cilantro dressing. Everything was so fresh and wonderful. As A matter of fact everything was so fresh and full of flavor I picked around the meat. Not because it wasn't good. It just wasn't necessary. Also, I'd never eaten this type of food so I was watching those in front of me. At the end they asked for a sprinkle of sumac so I followed suit!  Yum!  Tangy lemony spice!  And it added a beautiful pop of color to my dish. I'll be back tomorrow again with my friends.

  • David Yung:

    I have been here twice now and both experiences were very good.  The falafel is wonderful!  Hot, crispy, and not greasy.  I love the large portions and variety of options.   The best part is that I leave feeling satisfied and healthy!

  • Jack Vuttu:

    Price was fine....lots of meat in our wraps and salads. Place was clean and orderly. Staff was extremely attentive. 

  • Jake:
    Good food! I've been here quite a few times. They haven't missed the mark yet. The salsa is exceptionally good. I really enjoy the chips too. Add the salsa to one of their breakfast or regular burritos and it's really hard to beat!
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